Bass For Congress - Do You Have The Best "Bass For Congress" Sign Location?


Have you noticed the Bass for Congress yard signs popping up all over the district? If you don't have one in your yard yet, REQUEST A SIGN TODAY - and the campaign will deliver it in the next 24-72 hours!

>From Pittsburg to Nashua and Concord to Keene, New Hampshire residents have been showing their support for Charlie and the Bass Campaign by placing small and large yard signs on their property. But the campaign wants to know if you think you have the best sign location in the district!

Scott Mason of North Stratford submitted the below picture, which might be hard to beat!

Submit a picture of a Bass sign on your property via email or on the Bass Campaign's Facebook Page and you will be invited to a supporter lunch hosted by Charlie the week of September 7-10. The winner of the contest will receive a special gift from the Bass Campaign at the lunch - and it won't be another yard sign! Make your submission today by emailing a picture of the sign to!

Contact the campaign today to request a yard sign by calling (603) 226-6000 or by emailing We look forward to seeing your yard sign!

The Bass Campaign



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