CHQ - Sen. Lisa Murkowski concedes: major victory for conservatives

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Sen. Lisa Murkowski concedes: major victory for conservatives, loss for Mitch McConnell -- Erick Erickson blogs on the welcome news that Sen. Lisa Murkowski has conceded the Republican primary to conservative challenger Joe Miller in Alaska, providing a major victory for America's conservative activists and an equally significant setback for Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and his establishment GOP brand of politics. Erickson details how McConnell's inner-circle of Big Government Republicans have been taken out of the picture this year through primaries and retirement -- and with the incoming wave of potential new boat-rocking senators, he's going to have his hands full next session.

Big Government Bush-ites -- not the Tea Parties -- are toxic for the GOP
GOP USA -- Bobby Eberle responds with disgust to former George W. Bush speechwriter Michael Gerson's notion that America's Tea Parties are toxic for the Republican Party, arguing that it's the Big Government, barely-distinguishable-from-the-Democrats Republicans that are truly hurting the GOP. Eberle correctly points out that Americans kicked the Republicans out of office in 2006 and 2008 because they failed to keep their promises on limiting government -- and to go back to what Gerson is advocating would only carry with it the same end result.

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