FreeStrongAmerica - Help Stop the Obama Agenda

Mitt Romney
Governor of Massachusetts 2003-2007 




Dear friend,

This is an exciting time to be a Republican! We are looking at opportunities to elect Republican candidates that we haven't seen since the Republican Revolution of 1994. But we need your help to do it!

When I'm in New Hampshire, I witness an energy and enthusiasm among Republicans that I haven't seen before. It is clear that Republicans are ready to take the fight to the voters in November.

One organization that has been working and building with an eye toward electing fiscal conservatives is NH Steward. Fred Tausch started NH Steward as a vehicle for Granite Staters to let their voices be heard because it is clear that government is not listening to the people.

I'm asking you today to join our fight to STOP the liberal Obama agenda in Washington by visiting and signing its petition.

There is only one way we are going to end the out-of-control spending in Washington and get our economy back on track, and that's by electing Republicans in November.

Like my organization, the Free and Strong America PAC, NH Steward is committed to helping the conservative cause and mobilizing its supporters to STOP the big government politicians and vote for fiscal conservatives on November 2nd.

Please go to and sign the "New Way for the USA" petition today!