CHQ - Virginia’s Ken Cuccinelli is the ‘Constitution’s Attorney General’

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Virginia's Ken Cuccinelli is the 'Constitution's Attorney General'
American Spectator - Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is truly leading the charge against the onslaught of federal power by challenging unconstitutional federal laws (such as Obamacare) in court. Cuccinelli says state attorneys general are the last line of defense for the states and the Constitution in the battle against total federal domination. Some are calling him 'the Constitution's AG,' and 'the People's AG.'

Christine O'Donnell's campaign and the Tea Party era: People who care too much about America to worry what the establishment thinks
American Thinker -- Mark Fitzgibbons writes, "The O'Donnell win is the people telling the establishment, "'We don't care.' You are failed stewards of freedom and our great national treasure, and you have messed up things so badly that you need to be replaced -- now -- before it's too late. . . The 2010 elections will show who's on our side. It's up to the people who care too much about America to no longer care what the establishment thinks of them."

Jim DeMint: Washington Can Hear You Now
The Washington Post - Sen. Jim DeMint pens a must-read Op/ed: "For years, conservatives have been told that the only way to create a big-tent party was to support big-government candidates who were "electable," rather than principled. History suggests otherwise. Majorities are built on principles, not the other way around."

Has Christine O'Donnell changed American politics?
Riehl World View -- Dan Riehl says Christine O'Donnell's victory symbolizes something much broader and deeper than just one political contest in a small state.

Ed Lasky:  The Mike Pence I know is one that all Americans would appreciate -- American Thinker

Pat Buchanan:  George W. Bush Republicans will share the fate of the Rockefeller Republicans -- CNS News

The GOP certainly looks like the sore loser Party -- Washington Times

Rove is no conservative, and the conservative media is forced to acknowledge it -- American Conservative

Good riddance to Rove and RINOs -- Daily Caller

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