NH Libertarians Welcome Challengers Into the Race

CONCORD - Now that the dust has settled and the primary voters have spoken, Libertarian candidates welcome their old party challengers into the race. Libertarian candidates qualified for the ballot weeks ago (at no taxpayer expense) and now know who their challengers are.

John Babiarz of Grafton (johnbabiarz.org) is looking forward to a spirited debate on the state's budget woes and ways to improve the NH economy with Republican John Stephen and the incumbent Democrat John Lynch. Yes, there are three Johns in this gubernatorial contest. But only one will be sworn in, will the voters of NH choose liberty or more
of the same?

Ken Blevens of Bow (kblevens.org) will happily challenge the overreach of the federal government against two career lawyers in Paul Hodes and Kelly Ayotte for the open US Senate seat. With so many issues facing our country, can Hodes, the incumbent congressman, defend his record of more spending and can Ayotte provide more than a headline for answers? Both first went to Washington for money and instructions from the Democratic and Republican Senatorial Campaign Committees, that says a lot about whom they will represent if elected. Ken's experience as a successful small business owner reflects the true values of the Granite State.

Philip Hodson of Manchester welcomes neighbor Frank Guinta into the race as he takes on 1st district incumbent Carol Shea-Porter in the debate over the proper role of the federal government in this age of record deficits, runaway spending, and seemingly endless foreign wars.

Howard Wilson of Andover looks forward to debating the progressive Ann Kuster and former incumbent (now challenger) Charlie Bass for the open 2nd district seat. Will either of these advocates for bigger government have any real answers? The 2nd district deserves some liberty.

Libertarians invite all the voters of New Hampshire to examine the issues and question all the candidates on their vision for America and for New Hampshire. Ask tough questions and demand real answers. Use the constitution and your conscience as your guide. If you are looking for more liberty and less government, then vote Libertarian.


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