CHQ - Why Christine O'Donnell may yet be the “Heroine of Election 2010”

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Why Christine O'Donnell may yet be the "Heroine of Election 2010"
Riehl World View - Dan Riehl provides more analysis of the Delaware Senate race and why it's so vitally important for the conservative movement, arguing that Christine O'Donnell is far from finished and could actually turn out to be the heroine of this year's election.  Riehl says there is more than enough there for smart and talented people to depict O'Donnell as a very compelling and worthwhile candidate.  And there's also quite a bit of "ammunition" to use against her opponent, Democrat Chris Coons.

The conservative insurgency will succeed, but in time for 2012?
American Spectator - Jed Babbin tells of the conservative insurgency that's being waged against the intransigent Republican establishment, led by the Tea Parties, which are fighting for the dual causes of fiscal responsibility and traditional American values.  Babbin predicts that this insurgency most certainly will succeed.  The only question being whether it will be in time to help conservatives defeat President Obama in 2012.

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