NHDP - Are Ray Burton and John Gallus Putting Party Politics Ahead of the People They Represent?

Will Ray Burton and John Gallus endorse John Stephen and his 'hang in there' economic plan for the North Country?

Concord - At a recent WMUR debate, Republican gubernatorial candidate John Stephen refused to offer even one single specific proposal to create jobs in the North Country.  Instead, he told the residents of Coos, and northern Grafton and Carroll counties to, "hang in there," and added there was "great opportunity there."

Stephen was asked a simple and straight forward question, "What, if anything, do you plan to specifically do to help the North Country [economy] bounce back?" And his vague response was, "I say to the people of the North Country, hang in there." (0:20)

"Clearly Stephen plans to do nothing for struggling North Country families," said Harrell Kirstein, press secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  "Stephen's ridiculous response makes two things clear; first, that he is blatantly out of touch, and second, that he has given little or no thought to North Country workers."

"Now that John Stephen is the Republican nominee, Executive Councilor Ray Burton and state Senator John Gallus should be honest with voters in their districts," continued Kirstein.  "Will they put the well-being of their constituents over Republican Party politics and condemn Stephen's out of touch rhetoric? Or will they be supporting his candidacy and ignore the people who elected them?"

Later in his response, Stephen called out Executive Councilor Ray Burton by name and claimed that the Councilor was a great supporter of his campaign. (1:07)  But Stephen still failed to offer even one specific proposal to create new jobs and help get people back to work.

"Stephen claims Ray Burton is supporting his campaign." said Kirstein.  "Does Councilor Burton support Stephen's economic plan too? After representing their districts for years, North Country voters deserve to know if Council Burton and Senator Gallus have any plans to create jobs or if they too will be offering voters nothing but platitudes for another two years."

A video of the John Stephen's out of touch comments can be seen here.