NRCC - Will Shea-Porter Spare Hard Working Families and Small Businesses From Tax Hikes?

House Dems are Preparing to Raise Taxes on Employers in the Midst of a Recession

Washington- In the midst of one of the worst recessions in history, Carol Shea-Porter and her Democrat friends are preparing to deal a devastating blow to small businesses – the nation’s largest employer – by hitting them with higher taxes. Middle-class families are struggling to find jobs, yet Carol Shea-Porter refuses to commit to an honest up-or-down vote to stop the job-killing Obama tax hike. Rather than taking action, House Democrats’ indecision is further contributing to the nation’s unemployment problem. After failing to bring economic recovery with their failed trillion-dollar stimulus, raising taxes in a recession will be the last straw for struggling New Hampshire families.

“Carol Shea-Porter's refusal to commit to an honest up-or-down vote to stop the job-killing Obama tax hike is proof-positive that she’s incapable of bringing economic recovery to New Hampshire,” said NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain. “Instead of creating jobs and rebuilding the economy, House Democrats have continued to kick the can down the road by relying on failed stimulus bills and massive government expansion on the backs of hardworking families. As if New Hampshire families needed any more indication that Shea-Porter is completely out-of-touch, she’s now looking to hit their employers with job-killing tax increases in the midst of a recession.”

The Democrats’ tax increases could be so devastating that economists across the country are calling on Congress to extend tax cuts for everyone:

“But a majority of a panel of leading economists surveyed by said that the tax cuts should be renewed for everyone. The first in a series of economic surveys revealed that extending the tax cuts for all taxpayers is the most important thing Congress can do to help the economy. Of the 31 economists surveyed, 18 chose that from a list of options now being debated on Capitol Hill.

“‘Extend tax cuts for all income levels and do nothing else," said Sean Snaith, economics professor at the University of Central Florida. "More of the same piecemeal, patchwork policies put forth by this administration will undermine confidence and do little to change the path the economy is on.’” (Chris Isidore, “Economists: Extend Bush tax cuts for everyone,” CNN, 9/20/2010)

Will Shea-Porter heed these leading economists’ advice or will she turn a blind eye and deliver a job-killing blow to small businesses?