CHQ - Mark Levin: Those who oppose the Tea Party Movement would have opposed the Reagan Revolution

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Mark Levin:  Those who oppose the Tea Party Movement would have opposed the Reagan Revolution
Facebook - Conservative stalwart, author and talk radio host Mark Levin levels a critic of Levin's championing principle over Party in the Delaware Senate race. Levin, who worked in the Reagan administration, explains merely supporting a political party for its own sake does neither the Party nor its supporters any good. Levin quotes from Ronald Reagan's speech to CPAC in 1977 where Reagan laid out his vision for what the Republican Party should be about, namely a place that champions the individual and freedom over the group.

Penny Nance:  Some GOP men need to grow up
AOL News - Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee CEO Penny Nance compares former Bush advisor Karl Rove and others in the GOP establishment who've cried over various other Republican incumbent losses to spoiled two-year-olds throwing a temper tantrum about Christine O'Donnell. They need to "grow up" and get behind O'Donnell and the other Tea Party supported candidates in November. Nance says too much is at stake to put up with such childish behavior, and it's time that Rove and the others started acting like men.

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