CHQ - Viguerie: GOP's New Pledge Gets One and a Half Cheers

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Viguerie: GOP 'Pledge' merits 1 ½ cheers - Richard Viguerie says the GOP congressional 'Pledge to America' is a step in the right direction, but warns, "This new promise is mostly about Republicans promising not to do things they relished doing in the last decade. If the GOP does not push hard in the new Congress to return America to small, constitutional government, expect most Republican incumbents to be seriously challenged by Tea Party candidates in 2012."

Mr. President:  Why are you so angry with the entrepreneurs of America?
San Diego Daily Transcript -- San Diego businessman and CEO of USAOPOLY Dane Chapin writes, "The government enjoys the upside of my risk taking and none of the downside. With all due respect, long days, calloused hands, blind optimism and compartmentalized anxiety were the fuels that energized my entrepreneurial journey. Mr. President, please don't undermine the incentives that compel me, and the army of American entrepreneurs, to do what your trillion-dollar stimulus has failed to do -- create jobs."

Blogger Dan Riehl says he'll take the GOP 'Pledge' -- Riehl World View

Erick Erickson of RedState says the GOP 'Pledge' is perhaps the most ridiculous thing to come out of Washington since Gen. George McClellan --

GOP Senators up in 2012 are already trying to curry favor with Jim DeMint -- The Hill

Unreal: Senate GOP decides not to strip Murkowski of seniority on Energy committee after all -- Hot Air

America's Tea Parties are exposing the disgrace of the Ruling Class -- American Spectator

Mychal Massie:  Tea party serves notice to 'Republi-devil-crats' -- World Net Daily

Once more: Stop the special-interest, speech-squelching DISCLOSE Act --

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Richard A. Viguerie