Sam Adams Alliance - Tea Party Leader Toby Marie Walker is Sam Adams Alliance's Irreverent Mesenger of the Week!


SAM's Irreverent Messenger of the Week: Tea Party Leader, Toby Marie Walker

Paul Revere's famous "messenger" ride alerted Sam Adams, and other patriots, to the British invasion, thus, allowing them to escape to safety.  Every week, the Sam Adams Alliance recognizes those citizens--whether famous, infamous, or "extra"ordinary--who maintain that same sort of vigilant watch. 
This week, SAM nominated Toby Marie Walker, the President of the Waco (TX) Tea Party--one of the largest and most active Tea Party groups in the country.  Why is she SAM's "Irreverent Messenger" of the week?  Because not only is Toby Marie engaged in her democracy, she refuses to let either the left or the right define this growing movement of citizen activists who are trying to make the political conversation about the people--not the political elite. 
Toby Marie was recently on NPR outlining what the Tea Party movement really stands for:
"Well, here in Waco - and I know most of the national groups, we don't touch on the social issues. And the reason that we don't is because right now, the Tea Party is about the economy. And while the social issues on a personal level are important to a lot of our members, we stay away from those issues because they're so divisive. We believe that those are other groups and we applaud them, and when people ask about pro-life issues, we send them over to Pro-Life Waco or some of the other groups. Of if it's a gun issue, we send them to the NRA or Gun Owners of America. We keep it about the taxes and the spending and the overreach of the government.". . . to read more of why Toby Marie Walker is SAM's Irreverent Messenger, click here

SAM's Latest Engaging Democracy Podcast
A few weeks ago the SAM team attended a conference in San Francisco on the issue of Direct Democracy.  This was the biggest event for Direct Democracy activists held in the U.S. in more than ten years.  So if there's such a thing as a Direct Democracy A-lister, they were at the 2010 Global Forum. Not just from the U.S. either. We met initiative and referendum proponents from Korea, Sweden, Germany, and Switzerland.

We recruited a bunch of impressive folks for interviews - political scientists, activists, authors and educators from the U.S. and Europe - to learn more about how direct democracy works, and how some are advocating for it in their communities, states and countries.
This week's podcast hosts Paul Jacobs, president of Citizens in Charge, one of the organizers of the event.  Click here to listen!