- Maine U.S. Congressman Busted On Video Flying Private Jet

As the President of Common Cause, a non-profit citizens’ lobbying group, U.S. Representative Chellie Pingree (D-Maine) criticized lawmakers who traveled on corporate jets.

But Rep. Pingree is engaging in the same activity she derided four years ago.

An investigation by MaineWatchdog found that Pingree has been traveling on a private plane owned by the firm of her significant other, Donald Sussman, Founder and Chairman of Paloma Partners, a billion dollar hedge fund.

When AOL reported in late July that Pingree’s office was reimbursed for more travel expenses than any other house member in 2009, MaineWatchdog asked whether any of those reimbursements were related to travel on private planes.  A spokesman for Pingree said: “To my knowledge, the Congresswoman does not fly on privately chartered jets.”

To see the video of Pingree flying on hedge fund manager's private jet, after spokesman said she didn't click here.

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