Jack for Gov - Thank You!

My Thanks To You All
Dear Supporters,
First of all, I want to thank all of you so very very much for all you have done for me.  As I have often said, this has been a very humbling and gratifying experience. 
I'm sure you are wondering what the next step will be.  Well, you can rest assured that our campaign was just the beginning of the effort to take back our party and our country.  I do not plan to go silently into the night, I choose to stay and fight.  We are currently putting together some very aggressive plans and I want each and every one of you to jump onboard.  We will be creating a PAC next week.  Its name will be The Granite State Patriots Liberty PAC.  Our core group will be meeting next week and we will then put out an e-mail blast to all of you with the outline of our plans.  The one thing you should know is that you can stay excited because the fight will be continuing.
One key item that I would like to convey is the following:  I gave my word, to all the Gubernatorial Candidates, that I would help the person who won the primary.  That person was John Stephen.  He won fairly and squarely and I have been asked to assist him during these final few weeks.  I will keep my word and do whatever I can to help him out.  In that light, I would also ask you to support John, as well.  We cannot afford to have John Lynch in office for two more years.
Finally, you should all know that I finished with 31,400 votes (around 26%).  That vote count was higher than all other candidates except John Stephen, Kelly Ayotte and Ovide.  To me, that's an incredible accomplishment and I owe it all to you, my volunteers and supporters.  I intend to use this result as the foundation for what is to come.  So, take a few weeks off and then get ready to rumble.

Signs Please also take the time to take out any and all of the campaign yard signs from public property.  If you see any of our signs still in the ground remove them and hang onto them.  The state could fine our campaign if the yard signs are not taken off public property after the primary.  If you have a four by eight sign and need that removed, please contact Tom Lukacz at tom@jackforgov.com.  We have been asked by other campaigns if they can place their signs upon ours, however, we want to check with you first before we do that.  Let us know.

"I'll be back".
Jack Kimball
445 Route One Bypass, Ste. 2
Portsmouth, New Hampshire 03801
(603)828-8026 HQ Cell Phone