NH Business & Industry Association and National Federation of Independent Businesses

give Bradley 100% Rating

Concord, NH-Recently released voter score cards show that State Senator Jeb Bradley earned a consistent 100% pro-business rating in the 2009 and 2010 Legislative Sessions. The scorecards were compiled by the Business and Industry Association (BIA) -- New Hampshire’s Statewide Chamber of Commerce, as well as the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB) which represents small businesses in New Hampshire.

Bradley was one of only four State Senators to receive a 100% rating on all three scorecards. Key issues in the 2009 and 2010 BIA survey included raising business taxes (Bradley opposed),  undermining medical screening panels that reduce frivolous lawsuits (Bradley opposed), allowing targeted education aid (Bradley supported), preserving free speech for not-for-profit organizations and businesses (Bradley supported), and eliminating the LLC Tax (Bradley supported).

The NFIB scorecard included votes on the 2009-2010 Budget which increased spending by 10.5% (Bradley opposed), numerous tax hikes including the LLC Tax, Camping Tax, and hikes to the Rooms and Meals Tax (Bradley opposed), a job creation tax credit (Bradley supported), and requiring the Department of Labor to issue warnings before fining businesses (Bradley supported).

The scorecards can be found on-line at: www.nhbia.org and www.nfib.com/nh.

“Jobs, getting people back to work, and growing the economy have always been my top priority and my voting record reflects those priorities. Over 40,000 people are unemployed and NH’s top priority must be improving the business climate. The job-killing LLC Income Tax on small business owners and a 12% hike in the taxes on hospitality and tourism have threatened the ability to get people back to work. The recent tax hikes paid for a spending spree and huge budget increases, but they won’t create jobs," said Bradley.

The previous two budgets raised 97 separate taxes or fees and spending increased by nearly 23% according to the non-partisan Legislative Budget Assistant. The current budget also relied on unprecedented borrowing, federal stimulus funds, and sale of state assets.   New Hampshire now confronts a historic budget deficit that could approach $800 million in the 2011 budget.

Bradley introduced numerous pieces of legislation designed to improve the business climate, lower taxes, cut spending, and lower health care costs. That legislation includes:

Senate Bill (SB) 473: Repeal the LLC Income Tax.

SB 476: Prevent the Department of Revenue from applying the Business Profits Tax to a business owner’s salary.

SB-474: Repeal the 9% Camping Tax and lower the Rooms and Meals Tax from 9% to 8%.

SB 454: Require that every department head present a budget alternative that would curtail spending by 5%.

SB 343: Implement managed care for Medicaid recipients which will reduce expenditures while maintaining quality.

SB 452: Allow individuals and small businesses to purchase health insurance across state lines.

SB 468: Reduce frivolous lawsuits to lower health care costs.

SB 417: Prohibits the expansion of the Medicaid program if Congress passes a national health insurance plan unless the expansion is approved by the Legislature or is paid for by the federal government.

“I look forward to continuing to protect taxpayers while growing our economy again,” Bradley concluded.