NHDP - Republican Liberty Caucus of NH Accused of Violating State Law

Does former Chairman Jim Forsythe condone unethical behavior?

Concord - An article published today in the Nashua Telegraph reported that the Republican Liberty Caucus of NH PAC, formerly chaired by District 4 state Senate candidate Jim Forsythe, may have violated New Hampshire law by failing to register with the state in a timely manner and by failing to report all of their receipts and expenditures. Several GOP candidates have spoken out against the violations, and a formal complaint has been filed with the New Hampshire Secretary of State. These candidates claim to be victims of targeted attacks by the Republican Liberty Caucus of NH prior to last week's primary election.

Andrew Hemingway, who just recently replaced Jim Forsythe as the Republican Liberty Caucus of NH Chairman, confirmed in the article that the PAC paid for over 10,000 pieces of mail to be sent across 7 districts in New Hampshire.  New Hampshire election law requires all receipts and expenditures over $500 to be filed and reported with the Secretary of State.  According to the Secretary of State's website, there are no records from the Republican Liberty Caucus of NH that report mailings of any kind.

"Does Jim Forsythe condone the irresponsible and illegal actions of the Republican Liberty Caucus of NH?" asked Emily Cashman, Senate Caucus Communications Director with the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  "By not speaking out against these alleged violations, Forsythe is highlighting yet again his extremist agenda that does not reflect New Hampshire values.  He doesn't seem to think that New Hampshire laws apply to him and his Tea Party cronies."

"This is just another example of the in-fighting and immaturity of Republicans in New Hampshire," added Cashman.  "If they can't even work together to support their own candidates, how can voters expect them to work together in Concord to overcome the real challenges facing our state?"