CHQ - Viguerie’s advice to the ‘new’ CNN still the same

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Viguerie's advice to the 'new' CNN still the same
Richard Viguerie's critique of, and advice to, CNN in his mid-August Washington Examiner piece is even more appropriate now that CNN has ousted longtime president Jonathan Klein. If, though, new president Ken Jautz is relying on the Spitzer-Parker tandem to boost failing ratings, as reported
, then CNN will continue to head in the same downward spiral.

Why stop with the GOP -- the Tea Parties should take over the Democratic Party, too
American Thinker - Bruce Walker sees the Tea Parties' struggle to take over the Republican Party as a positive thing, but wonders why grassroots conservatives aren't trying to do the same thing with the Democrats. The Democratic Party, which was taken over by the radical left, could use a few more Zell Millers and other traditional Democrats. That would make the choices for voters even better.

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