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Our neighbors are going off to war.  A few weeks ago 750 National Guard soldiers from NH deployed to Kuwait for 12 months. Over the past few years hundreds more have been called away, many for multiple deployments.
Whenever they go, they leave their families behind with us.  In addition, over 4,200 active duty and reserve service members from NH are currently deployed. Many of their families live here in NH. Over 4,000 NH children live in military families. You can imagine what military deployment does to their family life. Educators see the impact on these children every day.
This new tempo of military deployment has set in motion a new cultural dynamic that reshapes family relationships as we have never experienced. For those of us not directly affected, it's easy to be unaware of the deep emotional, social and financial dislocations created by our country's military commitments.  Moreover, certainly some in your congregation are touched, directly or indirectly, by military deployment.

Why is this important to you as a religious leader?

It's simple really. God calls us to help those in need. As Jesus said, "Whatever you did for the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me."  Even more pointedly, the Apostle James told us "True religion is caring for the widows and fatherless." 
Think of it this way - the new cycle of military deployments creates a real, visible shift in American society. Family life has changed for thousands by temporarily "orphaning" children and "widowing" spouses on a large scale. What an opportunity to minister God's grace to hurting people who live right next to us!

How can your church respond?

Join faith communities of NH as we learn together how to minister to this emerging need amongst us in our congregations, neighborhoods and communities. Their needs resemble other neighbors in need yet have unique qualities of military families.  The first step is simply becoming aware of the magnitude of the change taking place around you. 
To start, attend one of the upcoming Military Culture for Faith Communities Workshops.
Here's what you will learn:
  • Eye opening facts about the structure and role of the National Guard in NH.
  • The scope and impact of military deployment on the citizen warriors of our state.
  • The difficulties created by the emotional cycle of deployment on families and service members.
  • The good, the bad, and the ugly of military deployment.
  • First hand testimony from family members as they struggle to deal with deployment.
  • Specific, targeted suggestions for how your congregation can support and aid to families of military families - before, during and after deployment - families and service members who live in every NH city and town.
These sessions are short - just one morning. Presenters include the Adjutant General of the NH National Guard, active and retired National Guard Chaplains and civilian staff who regularly serve deployed and returning service members and their families. They know the need and recognize that the faith community must be part of the response.

Register Now

Attend one of the fall workshops. Registration is free, easy and required. Send an email to heather.m.tuttle@dhhs.nh.state.us Include

·         Your name
·         The congregation or organization you are affiliated with
·         Your phone
·         Your email.
See the attached flyer for more details on the dates and locations. 
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