Rep. William O'Brien awarded annual Liberty and Union Award

The National Heritage Center for Constitutional Studies, Inc. awarded their annual "Liberty and Union Award" to Rep. William O'Brien during their Constitution Day 2010 celebration at the Southern New Hampshire University Conference Center, Saturday September 18, 2010.

In granting the award, the National Heritage Center stated its appreciation for Rep. O’Brien’s unyielding statesmanship and dedication to the rule of law.  

Rep. Dan Itse, who presented the award (in James Madison costume), said of Rep. O'Brien, " Rep. O’Brien has tirelessly led legislative efforts to preserve a constitutionally limited government in New Hampshire and has consistently resisted those who would grow government and erode our liberties."  Representative O'Brien represents N. H. Hillsborough House District no. 4.

Constitution Day is a capstone event of the National Center for Constitutional Studies in New Hampshire to commemorate the birthday of the American Constitution.   NHCCS is an educational organization dedicated to teaching the principles of liberty and union in the tradition of America's Founding Fathers."     NHCCS is your trusted source for teaching on the constitution and founding fathers.  Visit our website for more information on seminars and educational teaching tools.