AFP NH - Come Join Us this Weekend in Nashua and Salem!

We’re in the final stretch. Supporters of Big Government are scared because they know you’ve been busy. And they know you’ve been effective. Obama’s poll numbers are plummeting as fast as the economy. But soon the American people will have their voices heard. And we must make every minute count!

Here in New Hampshire, we are joining citizens across the country on Saturday, October 2nd for AFP’s National Neighborhood Canvassing Day.  We will hit the streets with family, friends, and like-minded activists to help share with your neighbors how the big government, tax-and-spend agenda is destroying our nation and how we can make a difference at the grassroots level to restore our founding principles.   

Click here to register for AFP’s National Neighborhood Canvassing Day.

We are meeting in Nashua and Salem where we will provide you with scripts, literature, and mapped walking lists before heading out into the community. We will provide the mapped walking lists and a quick tutorial to make it as easy as possible for you to get involved.

Please find the meeting location nearest to you and sign up to go door-to-door next Saturday, Oct. 2nd. We’ll meet at 10:00AM sharp in Nashua and 2:00PM sharp in Salem to hand out walking books.

10:00AM: Greeley Park, 100 Concord St., Nashua
2:00PM: Kelley Library, 234 Main St., Salem

Many of you continue to ask how you can make a difference? Well, this is it. We need you on Saturday to tell your neighbors how some of our politicians in New Hampshire are bankrupting America. They need to hear it from folks like you and not talking heads in the media or bureaucrats in Washington.

Join me in this national opportunity.

Corey R. Lewandowski
State Director
Americans for Prosperity – New Hampshire