Candidate Jeanie Forrester NH Senate Dist 2 Critical of NH Sen Reynold's SB 500

Link to full bill text:

Sex Offenders first to be released under SB 500

Today, Jeanie Forrester criticized Senator Deb Reynolds for sponsoring SB 500, a new mandatory parole law that allows for the early release of sex offenders, “Deb Reynolds is directly responsible for jeopardizing our safety and the safety of New Hampshire’s children.”

“I can tell you that I will work to fix or repeal this bill immediately if you elect me this November,” Forrester continued.  “We can find other places to save money without letting repeat sex offenders out onto the streets with no job and no home.  I’m not sure how she can even face the parents of District 2,” added Forrester.

“When members of the New Hampshire parole board are quoted as saying ‘it is disgusting we have to parole you out’ you know this is a very serious matter.”

This past week, the first round of offenders were granted early release, the first being Gene Parker who was convicted of raping a 5-year-old child and a 6-year-old child.

Jeanie Forrester is joined by Grafton County Sheriff Doug Dutile in vehemently opposing Reynold’s mandatory parole law, “Not only is Senator Reynold’s bill putting our safety at risk, she is downshifting these costs onto the already over-burdened county and local property taxpayers.  The funds for additional supervision are just not there and our parole officers are already stretched too thin. Local and County law enforcement will have to close the gap,” explained Sheriff Dutile.

As Democrat Majority Whip, Senator Deb Reynolds has a record of supporting legislation harmful to District 2 including the job-killing LLC tax, SB 500, the campground tax, an increase in the rooms and meals tax, increasing motor vehicle and boat registration fees and opposing local spending caps.

SB 500 has received extensive media coverage with recent headlines reading:

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Union Leader (9/24/10);

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Union Leader (9/21/10);

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“This is another illustration of poor judgment by Deb Reynolds and proves that she doesn’t deserve another term in Concord,” concluded Jeanie Forrester.