CEI - Wine and beer regulation on House Judiciary Committee agenda Wednesday


On Wednesday, the House Judiciary Committee is holding a hearing on a bill that could promote state laws forcing wine and beer producers to sell direct only to a middleman -- wholesalers.  It could undermine recent trends allowing consumers to receive wine via the mail direct from wineries.  Proponents of the “Comprehensive Alcohol Regulatory Effectiveness Act" (HR 5034) say it's a plan to protect minors, ensure "orderly markets," and otherwise combat vice; but in reality, it would promote state laws that benefit only the middleman and restrict the freedom of producers, retailers, and consumers to deal directly with one another.  (See story in Wine Spectator.) 

CEI policy expert Angela Logomasini is spearheading a new coalition letter expressing grave concerns regarding this plan, including a recent compromise version.  In July, CEI led a coalition of 42 nonprofit and consumer groups in sending a letter to Congress expressing concerns about the original bill and calling it “an affront to consumer freedom.”
If you are writing, blogging, reporting on or otherwise covering the Wednesday hearing, let me know if you would like to speak with Angela about this issue.