NRCC - Shea-Porter to Skip Town Leaving Possibility of Tax Hike in the Balance

Congress Adjourns on Thursday and Still No Sign of Up-or-Down Vote to Stop the Coming Obama Tax Hike

Washington- Congress adjourns on Thursday, but Carol Shea-Porter and her Democrat friends have failed to protect hard working families and small businesses from the looming Obama tax hike. Instead of providing the immediate certainty that small businesses need to create jobs, Shea-Porter and her out-of-touch friends are planning on skipping town and leaving the distinct possibility of a massive tax hike hanging in the balance. Economists have warned of the consequences that Congress’ inaction would have on the economy, but with less than 40 days until Election Day it is clear House Democrats’ political interests are more important to them.

“By avoiding an up-or-down vote to stop the Obama tax hike until after the election, Carol Shea-Porter has selfishly pushed economic recovery to the side for her own political interests,” said NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain. “Instead of creating jobs, House Democrats have continued to kick the can down the road by relying on failed stimulus bills and massive government expansion on the backs of hardworking families and small businesses. Now, with less than 40 days until Election Day Shea-Porter's job-killing economic agenda will come back to haunt her.”

Rather than sparing hard working families and small businesses from uncertainty, vulnerable House Democrats have chosen to spare their political careers instead.

“Congressional Democrats are confronting deep divisions within their nervous ranks over whether to support President Barack Obama's plan to raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans — or just punt the entire matter until after voters go to the polls Nov. 2.

“Democratic leaders committed to Obama's proposal were hearing Wednesday from endangered lawmakers who fear that raising taxes on anyone in a weak economy could be politically lethal.” (Laurie Kellman, “House Dems deeply divided over Obama tax plan,” Associated Press, 9/15/2010)

After leading the economy astray with their job-killing agenda, voters are looking to hold Carol Shea-Porter and her out-of-touch friends accountable in November.

“And by an 11-point margin, voters trust congressional Republicans to create jobs more than Obama. His approval rating stands at 46 percent, according to the poll of 1,000 likely voters, conducted Sept. 19 to Sept. 22.” (Jim VandeHei and Charles Mahtesian, “Poll: Rocky road seen ahead for Obama,” Politico, 9/26/2010)

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