NRSC - Only 72 hours left

It's mind boggling - Washington Democrats still don't get what this election is about. Despite their own supporters complaining at town halls, their own candidates running away from the party's agenda and numerous polls showing Americans are becoming increasinly frustrated, Democrat leadership can't bring themselves to look in the mirror and say, "We screwed up." Who do they blame for their predicament instead?


Nancy Pelosi told us that once the health care bill passed the American public could finally find out what was in it and would like it. They did, and they still don’t like it. The day after 71 percent of Missourians rejected the health care bill Harry Reid said that voters just don’t get it and once they learn more about the bill they’ll like it. They still don’t. And now we have a testy John Kerry, blaming the voters for the Democrats' plunging poll numbers saying they just don’t get it.

No Senator Kerry - you and your colleagues don’t get it. The American people are tired of high spending, record debt and a bloated federal government. Voters don’t want leaders who will tell them they just don’t get it. They want leaders who will listen to them, who will spend less and focus on the issues that will get our country back on track.

The Democrats' arrogance is only getting worse by the day. We have less than five weeks until Election Day. Send a message to beltway Democrats you do get what's happening in this country and that is why you are voting for change.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee is committed to helping elect Republican candidates for the U.S. Senate across the country. We have a record number of races where our candidates are tied or leading, but we need the resources to help them fight back against the liberal special interest and Hollywood money flowing into their campaign coffers.

We have less than 72 hours until we face an urgent end of the quarter deadline. Will you give $25, $50, $100, $250 or even $500 immediately so we can stay on the air and help our Republican candidates like Joe Miller in Alaska , Sharron Angle in Nevada, Marco Rubio in Florida and Christine O’Donnell in Delaware?

Together we can show the Democrats that we do get it. They’ll find out just how much we do on November 2.


John Cornyn
NRSC Chairman