vanBlommesteyn - It's Time for an Independent to Represent You in Congress

Wilmot, New Hampshire  September 29, 2010

Primary Season is over and the candidates for New Hampshire's 2nd Congressional District are set.  My name is Tim vanBlommesteyn.  I'm an Independent and I'm on the November ballot challenging Charlie Bass and Ann Kuster for the privilege of representing you in Congress.  With 5 weeks left until election day you'll hear a lot of discussion about why they want your vote.  I'll tell you why their time has passed and why it's time for an Independent to represent you in Congress.  Let's start with what the Democrats and Republicans in Congress have done for you lately:

Federal debt is at an all time high and growing daily.  Neither party has a realistic plan to keep us from passing a disastrously high debt to our children and grandchildren.

After years of mismanagement, excessive borrowing, and waste, the economy is in trouble.  We need a long term solution but have only gotten failed, short term fixes from the individuals who have been running our government.

Social Security is underwater and Medicare will drive us to bankruptcy if not changed.  The longer we wait to fix these programs, the more money we'll steal from our children to pay our debts.  Congress doesn't tell the truth about fixing the problems because it will focus your attention on why they let us get into this situation in the first place.  I guess they think you can't handle the truth.

Congress is addicted to money.  Big money controls politics.  Special interests and lobbyists have a stranglehold on both parties and it is killing our political system.
Partisanship rules Congress and stops any dialogue.  Without dialogue we can't solve problems.

I've joined this race believing we need to change politics if we're going to change the direction this country is heading.  Unlike the other candidates, I don't offer simple answers or easy solutions and I will tell you honestly about what I believe must be done.  We will likely disagree about some solutions but that's the nature of the political process.  The key is a willingness to talk.  I have years of experience in business working with people who don't always agree with me, yet we find ways to overcome our differences so we can work together.  This clearly isn't the case in Washington today and this must change if we are to overcome the challenges that face our nation.

Unless you are one of the several thousand people we spoke with while gathering signatures to get on the ballot, you probably don't know me.  You should hear from me why I am running, what experience I have, how I am conducting my campaign, and why I believe I deserve your vote:

This election is about our children's future.  I have a 23 year old daughter and I refuse to stand by as the current political parties in power do nothing to protect her interests.  She is the reason I entered the race.

I'm a small businessman who has owned companies for 20 years and I understand budgets, payroll, debt, and the concept of always living within your means.  I've made tough decision for years and am prepared to go to Washington to do the same on behalf of the citizens of NH-2.

I don't believe in personal attacks or negative campaigning.  Politics should be about striving to raise the country up...not about tearing an opponent down.  I will not engage in personal attacks or negative campaigning and will condemn any done on my behalf.

Civil discourse must be the standard for any campaign.  Anger and incivility should never be a part of NH politics.  I will treat my opponents with respect.  We can disagree on policies without making our disagreements personal.

I have no party affiliation and answer to no party boss, lobbyist, or special interests that care little about the welfare of the citizens of New Hampshire.  If elected, I will answer only to the citizens of this District.

I've promised to spend no more than NH's voluntary campaign spending limit of $350,000.  I will spend much less.  My opponents will spend millions collected from PAC's, lobbyists, and special interests from around the country.  I will never take that kind of money and I can guarantee you that the last place these outsiders want to see me is in Washington representing you.

Ultimately this election is about solutions. I am prepared to talk about the problems we face and provide you with my proposed solutions to fix them.  It's time to offer concrete plans to resolve difficult issues - Medicare, the economy & jobs, Social Security, healthcare, our national debt, the Federal deficit, to mention but a few.  Because any solutions that work will be painful and challenge us as a society, every voter should have a real understanding of what each candidate stands for.  I'll answer each and every question posed directly and provide my vision of a workable solution.

In the weeks ahead, I'll be sending you additional e-mails to talk about the issues and my proposed solutions.  If you have questions you would like answered, please visit my website at and use the Contact Us form to submit them.  I'll try to address them all in this public forum.

This election is about changing direction...about challenging ourselves to meet our country's problems head on.  I'm challenging you to think outside the keep an open read about my proposed solutions for our problems and my plans for the future...and most importantly to consider a bold step - voting for a candidate outside the traditional political establishment.  Over the balance of this campaign I'll work to earn your trust and your vote.  As I travel around the District, I hope to meet as many people as possible to discuss your hopes and dreams for the future.  I want to hear about your solutions for our problems and what we can do together to make sure our children inherit a country full of opportunity and promise - just as our parents and grandparents gave us.

Thank you for your time - I look forward to meeting all of you and to having the opportunity to represent you in Washington.

Tim vanBlommesteyn, Independent Candidate for Congress