CHQ - Republican congressional leadership hasn’t shown it’s ready to lead

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The Republican congressional leadership hasn't shown it's ready to lead a majority
American Thinker -- Lee Cary writes that Republican congressional leaders would be wise to heed the obvious lessons derived from conservative Joe Miller's upset victory in the Alaska GOP Senate race and announce that they'll step aside if the Party gains a majority after November's elections. Cary says that Minority Leaders Mitch McConnell and John Boehner were the "generals" in the last political war (which they lost), and do not represent the GOP's future -- so they need to leave room for those who can aggressively lead the Party through the next series of battles.

Joe Miller's upset win in Alaska spurs Tea Party challenge to GOP establishment
Newsmax -- David Patten writes that the conservative grassroots used to worry about being co-opted by the GOP, but the tables have now turned. The Republican Party establishment is the worried one, concerned about being taken over by the Tea Parties. Members of America's Tea Parties have made it abundantly clear through their actions at the ballot box across the country that they're not going to accept the status quo -- and if Republican leaders don't sign on now, their days in power are limited, indeed.

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