NHDP - Ayotte Continues to Slam Bill That Saved 8,000 NH Jobs

CONCORD - This morning, Republican Senate candidate Kelly Ayotte attacked the stimulus bill to the same New Hampshire newspaper that, earlier this week, broke news that the stimulus was on track to create 16,000 jobs in the Granite State. On Monday, the Nashua Telegraph reported that "as of June 30, stimulus funds had created or saved the equivalent of 8,308 jobs in the Granite State" which, with half of the money unspent, suggests "that the White House could hit its 16,000-job estimate."[Nashua Telegraph, 8/30/10].


But at an editorial board meeting with the Telegraph yesterday, Ayotte continued her campaign trail tradition of railing against the stimulus, saying that we would have been "in a better position without all this spending." [Nashua Telegraph, 9/2/10].


"Does Ayotte really think that the thousands of teachers and cops whose jobs were saved with stimulus funds would be in a 'better position' without it?" said Emily Browne, Press Secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "If she looked up from her GOP talking points for a second and looked around New Hampshire, she might have more to offer middle-class families than partisan rhetoric. She's more interested in spending time on the political soapbox than in putting forth one concrete idea to create one job in the Granite State."


Ayotte's anti-stimulus position is one of many election-year conversions the candidate has undertaken in order to stay competitive in her GOP primary. As Attorney General, Ayotte welcomed stimulus funds to New Hampshire and was charged with administering much of the grant money. [Union Leader, 8/17/10]. Her top deputy, Orville "Bud" Fitch even ran the New Hampshire Office of Economic Stimulus.