NHDP - Charlie Bass Take His Misinformation to Television

Concord - Failed former Congressman Charlie Bass's latest television ad continues his campaign's shameful tactic of hiding his record of deficit spending as a Washington insider, and calls for re-opening the Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage 'donut hole.'

"This is nothing but more fishy rhetoric and misinformation from former failed Congressman Charlie Bass," said Harrell Kirstein, press secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  "He has the record of career politician and Washington insider because he is one.  How can he expect voters to believe that he stands for change after already having served six terms in Congress?"

During Bass's 12 years in Washington, he voted to increase the federal deficit by nearly four trillion dollars, passed tax cuts for oil companies, and raided social security to fund his out of control spending. (treasurydirect.gov; HR4297, Vote #109; S CON RES 95) 

And Bass's record since he has been out of office is no better.  While he enjoys telling people that he stayed out of politics that entire time, the facts refute his claims.  During the 2008 primary election, he endorsed and campaigned with Senator John McCain.  And Bass was also the president of a D.C. lobbying group, the Republican Main Street Partnership. (republicanmainstreet.org) 

"Bass's ad was right about one thing though," continued Kirstein. "Bass is someone voters know, and that is exactly why they rejected him in 2006.  And it is why they are going to reject him again this year.  New Hampshire citizens have no interest in returning him to Washington to recklessly spend more of their hard earned money on oil companies and tax cuts for the richest 2%."

More on Charlie Bass's Record of Reckless Spending:

In 2002 Bass voted for the budget proposed by President Bush that had a nearly 50 billion dollar deficit, in addition to stealing 224 billion dollars from the social security trust fund. [Vote #198, 5/19/04]

In 2004 Bass again voted for a deficit exploding budget.  This time he voted to increase public debt by nearly 700 billion dollars.
[Vote #198, 5/19/04]

In 2006 Bass continued to support increasingly larger and larger deficits.  He voted in favor a reckless 2.8 trillion dollar budget that added hundreds of billions dollars to the already record budget deficit. [Vote #158, 5/18/06] 

In 2006, Bass voted twice against a Democratic motion to end special perks for big oil companies. The two motions instructed House conferees to 1) accept three bipartisan provisions from the Senate that would remove subsidies and close loopholes for large integrated oil companies, so that big oil companies would pay their fair share of taxes and 2) strike the extension of the capital gains and dividend tax cuts. [HR4297, Vote #109, 4/27/06; HR4297, Vote #121, 5/03/06]

Bass voted against strong earmark reform.  In 2006, Bass voted in favor of a change in House rules to alter the earmarking process in what Congressional Quarterly described as, "a narrow rule change that will affect only one chamber for a few months." [CQ Today, 9/14/06; HRS1000,
Vote #449, 9/14/06]

Bass voted for all three Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans that exploded the federal deficit by trillions of dollars long term.  [H.R. 1836, 2001; H.R. 2, 2003; H.R. 4297, 2005]