AFP Launches TV Ad in New Hampshire!

I have exciting news!  Americans for Prosperity New Hampshire is pleased to announce we have released our first television ad of the season titled “Lynch Priorities” which may be viewed at

We know balancing the budget is about priorities and we need to educate voters regarding Governor Lynch’s failed policies. Please send the ad to your entire e-mail distribution list.  We need to tell people across the state of all the work AFP is doing here in NH.

It is dedication from voters like you that enabled us to launch this ad.  Please donate today to keep this ad up!

This weekend AFP NH volunteers will be joining citizens across the country on Saturday, October 2nd for AFP’s National Neighborhood Canvassing Day.  We are meeting in Nashua and Salem where we will provide you with scripts, literature, and mapped walking lists before heading out into the community. We will provide the mapped walking lists and a quick tutorial to make it as easy as possible for you to get involved.
Click here to register for AFP’s National Neighborhood Canvassing Day.

Please find the meeting location nearest to you and sign up to go door-to-door this Saturday, Oct. 2nd. We’ll meet at 10:00AM sharp in Nashua and 2:00PM sharp in Salem to hand out walking books.

10:00AM: Greeley Park, 100 Concord St., Nashua
2:00PM: Kelley Library, 234 Main St., Salem

ICYMI:  This past weekend we were joined by the November is Coming bus, which provided an opportunity for us to educate voters and recruit new activists for our canvassing and phone from home programs.  On Saturday we began the day at the Country Pond Fish and Game Club in Newton, then attended the Rochester Fair.  Monday the bus joined us at the Salem Elks Lodge where we heard from speakers, Jack Kimball, Tom Thomson, and Jennifer Horn.   This was a great opportunity to raise awareness of how the big government, tax-and-spend agenda is destroying our nation.  Here are some pictures of the bus over the weekend here in NH. 

Thanks for your continued support.


Corey R. Lewandowski
State Director
Americans for Prosperity – New Hampshire

P.S.  One television spot alone costs over $750.  Help us continue to educate voters by donating today to AFPNH.