Bass For Congress - NH Seniors Pay Steep Price for Kuster-Supported "Obamacare"

22,000 Seniors in NH, MA and ME Forced to Give Up their Medicare Advantage

Concord, NH- The Charlie Bass for Congress campaign today criticized Democrat Annie Kuster for supporting the Nancy Pelosi-Harry Reid -Barack Obama health care reform, including a provision that stripped senior citizens of a popular and valuable coverage plan.  

According to a Boston Globe story yesterday, 22,000 seniors in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maine are being forced to give up their “Medicare Advantage” coverage because of the new national healthcare law passed by Congressional Democrats earlier this year.  The new healthcare law, strongly supported by Kuster, froze federal reimbursements for “Medicare Advantage” and forced one of the region’s largest healthcare providers – Harvard Pilgrim Health Care – to drop the coverage. 

“Democrats promised healthcare reform that would expand coverage and lower costs.  Unfortunately, what the Pelosi-Reid-Obama regime has delivered is a system that is driving up the cost of healthcare and forcing thousands of New Hampshire seniors out of critical healthcare coverage,” said Charlie Bass.

“Annie Kuster not only says that she would have voted for Obamacare, but has pledged to push the government takeover of health care even further, calling for a public option,” said Bass. “Kuster was wrong to support ‘Obamacare’ and she is wrong to seek its expansion.  This is Kuster’s so-called ‘New Approach.’  But seniors are learning the hard way that Kuster’s ‘New Approach’ is a failed approach.”

“Unlike Annie Kuster, I will fight for New Hampshire’s seniors.  We need to repeal ‘Obamacare’ and replace it with common-sense healthcare reforms that will lower healthcare costs, improve the quality of care, increase coverage and do so without forcing senior citizens to lose their coverage,” concluded Bass.