CHQ - Tony Blankley: Tea Party is a revolt of the middle class

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Tony Blankley:  Tea Party is a revolt of the middle class
Washington Times - Tony Blankley writes, "The tea party movement will assert middle-class values, economic nationalism, patriotism and other concepts derided by post-modern elitists. The movement's central tenets -- small government, decentralization of power and end to profligate spending -- are precisely what [historian Christopher] Lasch prescribed to restore American democracy. The elite's fear and loathing of the tea party movement is rooted in the recognition that the real change is only now coming."

Watch this terrific Ron Johnson ad -- because it's true
YouTube -- Wisconsin U.S. Senate candidate Ron Johnson is overtaking incumbent liberal Russ Feingold in polls, and this recent ad will help you understand why. Mr. Johnson explains our Social Security system is a Ponzi scheme, and Russ Feingold has been part of the problem. Mr. Johnson shows that articulating conservative principles is, well, pretty darn easy.

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