NH Republican Senators Call for Repeal of Early Release for Violent / Sexual Offenders

(Concord, NH) - Today, Senate Minority Leader Peter Bragdon (R-Milford) announced the Republican state senators will seek to repeal provisions of a new law (SB 500) granting early release to violent and sexual offenders.  The formal repeal request will come on October 13, a day the legislature is scheduled to meet for the last time this year.  Bragdon said he will ask his Democrat colleagues to join the repeal effort.

"Citizens of New Hampshire are very concerned about this early release provision," Bragdon said.  "Although the bill went through the regular public hearing process, the focus was on non-violent offenders.  By repealing this provision now, we allow the next legislature to more carefully consider the issues of recidivism and public safety.  The safety of New Hampshire citizens is our number one concern."

The early release provision was part of a sweeping restructuring of the probation and parole system contained in SB 500, which was passed by the legislature in May and signed by Governor Lynch in July.