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Biden's advice: Stop whining, yourself

Union Leader


September 30, 2010

Vice President Joe Biden came to New Hampshire on Monday for a photo-op and to raise money for Reps. Paul Hodes and Carol Shea-Porter. While here, he had a message for Democrats made despondent by their side's poll numbers: "Stop whining."

The vice president should take his own advice. At his first stop, he whined that the economy was all the Republicans' fault. "We lost $3 trillion because of the profligate policies of the last administration, letting financial cowboys run the show," he said.

Twenty-one months after taking office, this administration continues to blame the last one for all its problems. President Obama has gone on a campaign tour of the country to rally Democratic voters the same way Biden has: by blaming everything on Bush.

Mr. President, for once you should listen to your VP. Stop whining. We're all really tired of it.