O'Brien For NH House Speaker - Endorsement letter from Representative Dan Itse.

Future Colleagues,


I am writing you to express my support of Rep. Bill O’Brien for Speaker of the House and to explain to you why I support him.  In the coming Session. there are two critical agendas: reducing the budget and restoring constitutional government to New Hampshire. 


Reducing the budget will take resolve.  Rep. Chandler was speaker during my first two terms, 2001/2002 and 2003/2004, during those terms the budget increases were those requested by the Governors, over 12% and 8% respectively.  Rep. O’Brien has the perspective and resolve to stand on the House position and deliver the budget reductions that are necessary to reduce taxes as the people of New Hampshire demand.

Restoring constitutional government requires vision.  Rep. O’Brien has the leadership team with the vision to restore constitutional government.  This vision includes the following elements:

Ÿ       restoring the process of Petition for Redress of Grievances;

Ÿ       restoring the control over Departmental Rules to the Legislature;

Ÿ       restoring oversight of the Judiciary to the Legislature;

Ÿ       re-establishing the Committee on Constitutional and Statutory Review;

Ÿ       eliminating functions that are not delegated under the Constitution of New Hampshire;

Ÿ       eliminating programs that are not achieving their purpose;

Ÿ       reducing or eliminating licensing of commercial enterprise.

We are at a critical juncture of New Hampshire history.  Twice before there has been a flip flop in the Legislature.  Both times it resulted in a loss of institutional memory that enabled tremendous losses in liberty.  But, now we know that with a flip flop in the Legislature it is possible to change the political paradigm; to restore liberty.  To do that, requires a break from the past.  Bill O’Brien has no connections to previous Speakers.  Electing Bill as Speaker will execute that break from the past that is necessary for us to go forward in liberty.

I hope that you will choose to join our team to restore our Republic of New Hampshire.  If you do, would you please contact Bill’s office and request an O’Brien for Speaker pin.


Yours in Liberty,


Rep. Daniel C. Itse