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Gordon Duff
Congress to Attack Veterans Benefits

Two Wars Lost, An Ungrateful Nation Now Turns on it's Veterans

A week ago, we marched out of Iraq, leaving 50,000 "administrative" troops and tens of thousands of contractors behind.  They perform no us
eful purpose of any kind, no more than the original attack which Secretary of Defense Robert Gates now openly refers to as unnecessary and wrong.  The war that never should have started cost America 3 trillion dollars, much of it unaccounted for.  Along with the thousands of American dead and the untold devastation in Iraq, the war also cost America health and welfare of up to 400,000 of her veterans, America's children.  A generation of young adults, another generation of our best and bravest stand betrayed.  We have money for fraud of every kind, projects paid for but never finished, weapons stolen, defective or never delivered, buying poisoned water for our troops at 5 times the cost of French Wine, I could go on for hours, the list is endless.
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