New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley's Statement in Recognition of Labor Day

Concord - New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley issued the following statement in honor of Labor Day, this Monday September 6, 2010.

"Labor Day first became a federal holiday in 1894 to recognize the contributions made by the national labor movement in the United States.  Like so many New Hampshire citizens, I am the product of a working family and know firsthand the vital role that movement played in so many American lives.

"While the past year has been tough for workers across our country, there is a lot for New Hampshire citizens to be proud of.  The steady and responsible leadership of Governor Lynch and our Democratic majorities in the state House and Senate has led to New Hampshire having the second fastest growing job market in the country and an unemployment rate that is 40% below the national rate.

"There has been substantial progress made at the federal level as well.  President Obama, Senator Shaheen, Congressman Hodes, and Congresswoman Shea-Porter have all been strong advocates for the American workforce.  Health care reform legislation, the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, the extension of unemployment benefits, and the largest tax cut in United States' history are just a some of the ways Democrats in Congress have stood up for the American worker."