NRSC - Charlie Cook: "The Senate's In Play"

I wanted to ensure that you saw the following key excerpts from Charlie Cook’s U.S. Senate race analysis this weekend:

Looking first at the five open seats – Florida, Kentucky, Missouri, New Hampshire, and Ohio – that the GOP is defending, the Republican challenger holds the lead in each race… Suffice it to say that Republicans have a good shot of holding all their seats…

Turning to the Democratic-held seats, the open seats in Delaware, Indiana, and North Dakota are pretty much goners, and it appears increasingly remote that Sen. Blanche Lincoln can make a successful comeback in Arkansas. This would bring Democratic losses to four.

If I had to make a wager today, I would bet that the open seats in Illinois and Pennsylvania will also fall to Republicans, although both races remain quite competitive and are hardly over. If my hunch is correct, Republicans would gain six seats.

That brings us to Democratic incumbents Michael Bennet (Colorado), Barbara Boxer (California), Russell Feingold (Wisconsin), Patty Murray (Washington), and Harry Reid (Nevada), who are all roughly even-money bets. Boxer, Murray, and Reid have statistically insignificant leads over their challengers, while Bennet and Feingold trail their opponents by similarly insignificant margins.

In Connecticut, where the seat is open, Democrats are watching their once huge lead erode rapidly. Some Republicans are also eyeing the West Virginia open seat, noting that President Obama's job-approval ratings in the Mountaineer State are among his lowest in the country, and they speculate it could get interesting as Democratic Gov. Joe Manchin pivots from state issues to more polarizing and ideological national ones.

With this many races in play, Democrats may have to perform triage and focus their resources on those that remain winnable. That means giving up on the rest...