2010 LFOD Rally Photo's & Video Link's

Hi All,
  The 2010 NH 5th annual Live Free or Die Rally was a huge success with fabulous weather. Approx. 1,200 participant's combined turned out over the 4 days of events. We want to give special thanks to all the volunteers.
   The 2011 NH 6th annual Live Free or Die Rally on Saturday August 27 will be held at the Jaffrey Common with Captain Morrill's spectator participant artillery battle afterwards. Both events will be open to the public.
HOWEVER, Tent camping, concert's,concession's & Grand Finale August 25-28, 2011 at Dillon Lodge/ Sawyer's Field will be for and by pre registered RSVP ONLY!! PLEASE MAKE NOTE OF IT! Occupancy & spots will be limited so don't wait until the day before the event to RSVP.
See you next year!
LFOD Organizer's
LFOD Rally photo's and video links:
2010 LFOD Captain Morrill's Artillery Company spectator participation cannon's battle Video:
2010 LFOD NH Capital TV interview with organizers:
2010 LFOD Grand Finale at Dillon Lodge Video Link:
2010 LFOD Common Rally Photo Album:
2010 LFOD Dillon Lodge/Sawyers Field Photo Album: