Ayotte For US Senate - An important message from Kelly

Just one week. That’s how much time we have left to win this primary election.

Because of your generosity, I want you to know that we’re well-positioned for next Tuesday’s GOP primary. Your help is making the difference in this race – and I won’t ever forget it.

As you know, I’ve been campaigning hard up and down New Hampshire all year. In cities and towns across our state, I’ve talked about my plans to bring tough leadership to Washington that will get our fiscal house in order. I’ve loved every minute of it, and I can tell you this: our message is resonating.

This campaign is firing on all cylinders. Thanks to your help, we’ve been advertising on television since the springtime. Our radio ads continue to saturate the airwaves. Ayotte for Senate signs can be seen in yards across the state. And we’ve recruited hundreds of volunteers who have made more than 50,000 voter contact calls.

The groundwork for victory has been set. We have the strongest grassroots campaign in this race. It’s all within our grasp.

In these final days, though, we can expect my opponents to do everything they can to stop us. As you know, I’ve been the target of false attack ads for most of the summer. My opponents know they can’t win on the issues, so they attack me personally instead.

We need to be prepared to disprove their negative attacks. That’s why I write today – to once again ask for your generous help.

Your contribution of $25, $50, $100 or even $1,000 is critical to ensuring that we have the necessary resources to fight back. We’re so close to victory. That’s why it’s so important that you make a donation today.

Coming from a middle class family, my husband Joe and I know the value of a dollar. In order for me to become a candidate, our household income went from two incomes to one. And unlike my opponents, I don’t have the luxury of incumbency or a vast personal fortune to help finance my campaign.

Instead, I’m relying on generous contributions from friends like you. So far over 3,500 New Hampshire citizens have donated to my campaign. They know that I will stand firm for our conservative values in the U.S. Senate, just like I did when I was Attorney General.

Your generosity has fueled this campaign. I’m hopeful that – right now – you will help make sure our issues-based message continues to reach voters. Please consider making a contribution of $25, $50, $100, or up to $2,400 – today.

Out on the campaign trail, I never forget that it’s you who I want to fight for in Washington. Joe and I have been deeply touched by your generosity. With just one week until the primary, we hope you will help us finish what we started.