Bender for Senate - Bender says Obama’s proposed 50 bil lion dollar stimulus a “pork-laden spending spree for the tax and spend crowd in Washington”

Jim Bender - US Senate 2010

Jim Bender, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, released the following statement regarding President Obama’s new 50 billion dollar increased deficit plan.

“President Obama’s new 50 billion dollar so-called stimulus plan to jump start the economy will do exactly the opposite.  It is really nothing more than a 50 billion dollar spending spree on the New Hampshire taxpayer’s dime.  The people of New Hampshire can’t afford it and they are too smart to fall for this pork-laden program orchestrated by the White House to help Democrats like Paul Hodes cling onto their seats in Congress before a crucial primary election.” 

“What we need is a balanced budget and we need to send the message to Paul Hodes and the tax and spend crowd in Washington that the American taxpayers are not the Mall of America. The Democratic run Congress has worn out the strip on the Federal credit card and we are going to cut it up.” 

“The White House is offering us the same failed plan to stimulate the economy that they forced the American people to pay for in 2009.  It was unsuccessful then and New Hampshire voters are not interested in paying the tab for another ill-conceived plan that proposes a government-run bank and fails to identify how many permanent jobs it would create.  We need a new plan, one that includes reducing taxes, reducing spending, and reducing regulations to let the private sector and free markets work.“