Bender for Senate - New Jim Bender radio ad to air on Boston and New Hampshire radio

Jim Bender - US Senate 2010

Hollis, NH- The Bender for Senate campaign released a new radio ad entitled “Child’s Play”
that introduces candidate Jim Bender as a businessman who has created jobs for New Hampshire.
Click here to listen to the ad


Child’s Play: (:32)

Kid1:  I want to be first

Kid 2:  No I want to be first

Kid 1:  I don’t care

Kid2:  Just Stop

Kid 1 & Kid 2:   Mom!

Mom 1: Sounds like the US Senate Race in New Hampshire

Mom 2: Yeah but I am tuning them out...... I am voting for Jim Bender

Mom 1: Really?

Mom 2: Jim has integrity and I trust Jim to get this economy moving again for me and my family

Mom 1: Tell me more

Mom 2:  Jim is a businessman, one who’s created jobs here in New Hampshire. You’ll like his slogan its-“Jim for Jobs”

Mom 1:  Jim for Jobs? I do like that- What is Jim’s website?

Mom 2:  It’s, and remember to vote “Jim for Jobs” on September 14th.

I’m Jim Bender, and I approve this message. 

Announcer: Paid for by Friends of Jim Bender