Horn For Congress - Just 7 Days Left in the Primary

Wow!  It was a great weekend for Team Horn!  

We traveled all over the 2nd District and the momentum is building!  Tom Thomson and his wife Shelia welcomed us in Orford, we had a wonderful day at the Lancaster Fair and the crowd loved us (and our big yellow fire truck!) at the Milford Labor Parade!  Between these and other stops we met thousands of voters and their message is clear: it is time for new leadership in Washington!

Suzie B., a small business owner in Coos County put it best when she told me "We can solve our problems up here, we just need the government to get out of our way and stop making it so hard for us!"

We have just 7 days left in this primary and I need your help now! 

Please join one of our phone teams today...send an email to ten of your friends telling them why you are supporting Jennifer Horn for Congress...put a Horn For Congress yard sign in your front yard!  Contact Irina@jenniferHorn.org to get involved now!

Together, we will send a loud clear message to the Washington insiders that we have had enough and we are taking our country back!


p.s. In Sunday's Nashua Telegraph, columnist John Bachman wrote a great analysis of the 2nd District race and the importance of the primary.  I've include the article below for you to read.

There is much riding on result of 2nd District GOP primary


New leaders are stepping forward just in time. Common-sense, independent-minded conservatives are ready to replace our congressional delegation, which has marched in lockstep with arrogant, out of touch, radical party bosses.

Nine days from today, we can begin to join hands with states across the land to put our country back on track.

Much of the country hungers to pull us off the path toward intrusive socialism, crushing debt, higher taxes and ignored laws. We are disappointed in broken promises for transparent government, open debates, bipartisanship and color-blind administration.

We are disgusted with a Congress that rams through huge, unread bills that fundamentally change our systems despite overwhelming public opposition. The House of Representatives, designed to be "the people's house" has become the hack's haven, and we contributed a hack.

Our representatives either could not, or would not, stand up to their party's radical bosses and fell prey to the power of buying votes with taxpayer's money.

All of this makes this election season, even the primary, particularly important. The race for the Republican nomination for the 2nd Congressional District stands out as the most significant contest in the state, a bellwether indicator for November. Will it be fresh, new blood or same old, same old?

We will do well if we send a true citizen legislator to Washington to join hands with other like-minded freshmen. They can then form a coalition to demand fundamental change to a badly broken legislative system.

That is why this election is so important. This election, even the primaries, is truly historic because so much rides on the outcome.

The 2nd District race will be won by either former U.S. Rep. Charlie Bass or Nashua's own Jennifer Horn. There are other, vanity candidates on the ballot who will tell their grandchildren: "I ran for Congress once."

Charlie Bass helped build the problems listed above. Jennifer Horn will join the freshmen coalition dedicated to forcing change.

I hope that many fellow "undeclared" voters will join me and ask for a Republican ballot to vote for Jennifer Horn. Conservative Republicans will do the same. The agents of change will be voting for Jennifer, while the more-of-the-same crowd votes for Charlie.

Charlie claims that he has changed since losing the seat in 2006. That seems a bit fishy. Use John's Politicians Rule #1: Watch what they do, ignore what they say.

Charlie is claiming he knows how to stop out-of-control, congressional spending. That is like an alcoholic advising others on how to control drinking. He might know how to do it but is unable to control himself.

Jennifer Horn does not need to change. Her conservative creden- tials are well established and unquestioned.

Has Charlie really learned? An illuminating moment occurred when Chris Ryan on radio station WCXL asked how he would bring jobs to our depressed North Country. Charlie said: "With targeted tax cuts."

Here we go again. The government knows what jobs should be there and which should not. Add another loophole to the already incomprehensible tax code.

It reminds one of the old Sunkist commercial in which Charlie Tuna never measured up and ended with: "Sorry, Charlie."

Jennifer answered the same question with "tax cuts for all businesses ... a sustainable economy must be diverse - the North Country is a great location for ... all sorts of businesses."

Common sense, not more government meddling. Get the government out of the way so that people can innovate, solve and create jobs. Such policies do not use tax dollars to buy votes; they foment a vibrant economy that attracts votes by being successful.

Charlie's solution of an immediate targeted tax break sounds good but is bad for the long term, bringing a ham-handed government into deciding which businesses should be encouraged to move to which area.

Charlie has described his solution to out-of-control congressional spending in op-ed articles. First, he would create a spending reduction committee that would make recommendations to Congress. Then he would create a "commission to address entitlement spending."

Nancy Pelosi must be quaking in her boots - a committee and a commission. Wow!

Charlie has lived in a political bubble that produces career politicians who develop the arrogance of incumbency. His family has been a political event all the way back to his grandfather.

He is trying to float through this primary as if the nomination is his right. Expect heavy advertising during the unanswerable last week of the campaign.

Jennifer has raised a family, held a real job, lived a real life and has relatives and friends who live real lives - no political bubble. She is intelligent, very hard working, articulate and fiercely independent.

She has already annoyed the political elites by calling for fundamental change in how congressional leadership works. The entrenched do not like that; they prefer the known, malleable Charlie. Let's make them squirm.

Can one congressman be effective at forcing change?

No, not alone. What makes this election different is that a Congresswoman Horn will be joined by dozens of similar-minded freshmen with the same goals and same direction from their constituents. That group will band together and force the needed changes. Numbers count in a closely divided Congress.

Charlie Bass is old news; he had his chance and he blew it. Jennifer Horn is a fresh, intelligent, tough and hard-working true conservative. Republicans and undeclared voters should vote for Jennifer Horn.

John Bachman is an Amherst businessman and freelance columnist. His column appears on the first Sunday of the month.