Jack for Gov - Remember How We Got Here

With only a few more days left before the primary, I'd like us all to think about how we actually got here, and what is exactly motivating us this election cycle.

As you know, I began to express my First Amendment Rights in 2008 through my reader board signs on Route 1.  From there a wonderful movement began to spread like wildfire amongst other concerned citizens throughout the state and nation.  Patriots began to rise from their homes to declare enough is enough.
The most recent news regarding the momentum behind this movement is Alaska.  Last week the people of Alaska spoke and elevated liberty candidate Joe Miller above the party established candidate, Senator Lisa Murkowski.  Miller's victory and the demise of the established, well-funded candidate speak to the strength of the Tea Party movement.  Here is what I said about Miller's victory.
"The political experts are shocked by Miller's performance, but I am not." stated NH gubernatorial candidate Jack Kimball.  "Joe Miller surged 35% in three weeks, proving the media wrong and sending the party insiders running for answers.  Everyone thought that Murkowski was a shoo-in, but the experts forgot one very important fact.....the people."  stated Kimball.  "This time around the people, not the media, not the experts, not the party insiders, are in charge of this year's election. 
Like the people of Alaska, I know my friends, neighbors, tea party members, and independents will help me not only win the primary on September 14th, but defeat John Lynch on November 2nd.
With that said, take a look at the video of Jack Kimball at the GOP Statewide Meeting on April 17, 2010.   Jack is exactly what this state and party need.

April 17th GOP Statewide Meeting Video 

Please tune into the debate Friday night 9/10 @ 7:00 pm.

Sign Waves and Debate Viewing:
Friday - Sept 10th @ 5:00 PM - St. Anselm's College GOP Gubernatorial Debate. This one is extremely important!  The more sign waivers we get there - the better.  Please contact  Pam Smith (curranpam@hotmail.com) and Nicole Yurek (n_yurek@yahoo.com.
After the sign wave head over to Jillians in Manchester - 50 Phillippe Cote Street, Manchester, NH 03101-1115. (603)626-7636

We Still Need Phone Volunteers to Get out the Vote!
Phone Bank Volunteers are needed for the phones.  Please contact Sue Polidura at sue@jackforgov.com (603)766-0599 or Tom Lukacz, tom@jackforgov.com, (603)828-8026
Do Not Forget to Contribute!
We are still taking donations for the campaign.  We are looking for 700 of you to send in a $10 donation.  Donating in any other amount is greatly appreciated, and it is as easy as clicking on the Donate Button.  So, go ahead, be one of the 700.