Len Britton for US Senate VT - Releases 3rd Commercial "Record Scratch"

Rutland, VT – Vermont Republican Senate candidate Len Britton unleashes his 3rd clever campaign ad of the season kindly titled “Record Scratch”.  Britton smashes the imaginary fourth wall in grand fashion as the 30 second ad begins with the benign backdrop of a typical politician glad handing people in a country diner. Britton breaks character with a resounding record scratch midway through the spot to challenge Patrick Leahy on the condition of Vermont and the Country.

“I’ve had a lot of fun with these ads, but we have critical issues being neglected in Washington which impact Vermonters. “Record Scratch” candidly addresses people’s concern about a bloated and ineffectual government not listening to the citizens” according to Britton.

You can view the ad on You Tube by clicking this link.