NHDP - First Congressional District Republican Candidates Out of Touch, Unethical and Too Extreme for the People of New Hampshire

Concord - At tonight's WMUR first Congressional district Republican candidate debate, Sean Mahoney, Frank Guinta, and Rich Ashooh continued to attack each other while failing to offer any realistic solutions, or positive ideas, to move the country forward.

"The field of Republican Congressional candidates in the first district has gone so far to the right they have crossed the Maine border," said Ray Buckley, chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  "Be it elimination the Departments of Energy and Education, ethical questions about FEC disclosure forms and fines, or their inability to actually confront the issues facing our state and country, all the Republican candidates once again showed they are too out of touch, unethical, and extreme for the people of New Hampshire."

During the debate and at previous events, Ashooh, Guinta, and Mahoney all called for the elimination the Departments of Energy and Education.  Tonight, Sean Mahoney went so far as to say that "I can't for the life of figure out what the (energy) department does."  Frank Guinta echoed his remarks commenting that both would be the first programs he would cut, and that if elected they would be, "gone."

"Who do these candidate think would regulate, protect, and oversee the nuclear power plant in the first congressional district after they eliminate the Department of Energy?" asked Buckley.  "And how do they plan to replace the nearly half billion dollars in funding that comes to New Hampshire each year from the Department of Education."

In addition, Mahoney and Guinta continued to lie about their own records and went on the attack.  Frank Guinta wrongly tried to claim that he cut taxes as Mayor of Manchester.  In fact, they increased during his tenure.  Sean Mahoney, again, wrongly stated that he isn't a Washington insider after having served as a member of the National Republican Committee.  And he also tried to claim that he worries about paying rent, even though, he has spent over 2 million dollars of his own money on three political campaigns.

"If the best the Republican candidates can do is lie about their own records and spew far right wing talking points given to them by Washington GOP insiders, then tonight they have proven they are not fit for public office," added Buckley.