NHDP -In Case You Missed It: Ayotte and Mahoney Running "The Wrong Kind of Campaign"

Foster's editorial board says Ayotte and Mahoney are trying to sell voters snakeoil

Concord - This morning, Foster's Daily Democrat cautioned New Hampshire primary voters to be "very careful of" what Republican candidates for the U.S. Senate and House, Kelly Ayotte and Sean Mahoney, are selling.  Foster's editorial board pointed out that in addition to some other Republican candidates, both Ayotte and Mahoney have been "simply parroting the GOP's talking points," rather than "think(ing) for themselves."

Foster's continued highlighting problems with Ayotte and Mahoney's campaigns, adding that, "any candidate whose commercials simply say 'Repeal ObamaCare' is selling snake oil."  And concluding that by "sticking to a hard, shallow line," both candidates will be incapable of effectively representing New Hampshire in Washington D.C.

"Kelly Ayotte and Sean Mahoney's charge to right in lockstep with national GOP insiders has gone so far, that even conservative editorial boards are calling them out," said Harrell Kirstein, press secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  "But no matter how many times they repeat their misleading claims New Hampshire voters won't be fooled on September 14th."

This isn't the first time that Republican candidates have been warned not to take an insider approach.  Back in April, former New Hampshire Republican Party Chair Fergus Cullen warned the GOP candidates that sounding like "the candidate of the Washington establishment" was not going to be a successful strategy this year. (CQ Politics, 4/27/2010)

"The lack of momentum of Ayotte and Mahoney's campaigns is proof they should have taken Cullen's advice months ago," continued Kirstein.  "Instead of talking about the concerns of New Hampshire citizens, they have been parroting political attacks and partisan rhetoric fed to them by national Republican insiders."
The full text of the Foster's editorial can be found here.