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AUL's Legislative Action Arm Launches "Life Counts" Radio Campaign

Life Counts icon avatar On Friday, AUL Action began the first tier of a targeted media buy to hold a dozen or more representatives accountable for their vote for taxpayer-funded abortion in President Obama’s Health Care Reform Law.  

Called “Life Counts,” the campaign began in battleground states. First up: Rep. Baron Hill (IN-9), Rep. Chris Carney (PA-10) and Rep. John Boccieri (OH-18) who had pledged to fight taxpayer-funded abortion and broke those promises. To hear the ads, click here.

"The AUL Action ad campaign targets representatives who voted for the largest expansion of federal funding of abortion ever, and they will not be able to hide from that vote any longer,” said AUL Action President & CEO, Dr. Charmaine Yoest.

Already “Life Counts” has received tremendous media interest and coverage, from The Washington Post, USA Today, The Associated Press and beyond. Critics of the campaign often claim that the new health care law does not include abortion coverage. AUL’s legal team produced definitive analysis that demonstrates the new law has in fact established taxpayer-funded abortion. To read that analysis, click here.

On The Docket

AUL Celebrates 39 Years of Defending Life

Last week marked the 39th anniversary of AUL’s founding. With your support, many victories for Life have been possible. Consider the following: In 1980, we won Harris v. McRae, the landmark Supreme Court case which upheld legal restrictions established by the Hyde Amendment on taxpayer funding of abortions; we aided in the writing of fetal-homicide laws in 36 states, recognizing an unborn child as a potential victim of criminal violence; and we helped create state legislation that has contributed to reducing abortions across the country by an estimated 25 percent since 1992. Today, we are leading the charge against taxpayer-funded abortions established under the new health care law with our new Abortion Mandate Opt-Out Act. Thank you for almost four decades of support. Learn more about the many accomplishments of AUL’s first 39 years on our website.

Virginia's New Abortion-Clinic Regulations Point to Need for National Standards

Denise Burke, AUL’s Vice President of Legal Affairs, has an informative piece on the AUL Blog about Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and his new legal opinion that empowers the commonwealth’s health department with the legal authority to regulate abortion facilities. “Now the important question becomes,” writes Burke, “how best to regulate.”

Lawmakers looking for a guide for such regulations can benefit from AUL’s decade-long effort to put an end to substandard medical practices in abortion clinics. Those efforts have produced such model legislation as “The Abortion Patients’ Enhanced Safety Act” and “The Women’s Health Protection Act.” Learn more about these important model bills, and why they are desperately needed, at the AUL Blog

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