CHQ - Tea Parties have established that conservatism is America and America is conservative

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Tea Parties have established that conservatism is America and America is conservative
American Thinker - J.R. Dunn looks at conservatism's history in America, and finds it refreshing that the conservative movement (especially with the emergence of the Tea Parties) is beginning to make the necessary image "makeover" to place it as the dominant cultural force in this country. Dunn says, for far too long, conservatives did not adequately address the Left's labeling it as outside the mainstream (calling it "extreme" or "racist"). With the increasing prominence of new media, conservatives have finally come out of the shadows, and are rightfully claiming the American mantle.

Floyd and Mary Beth Brown:  Ann (Coulter), we won't defend you this time
World Net Daily - Social conservative leaders Floyd and Mary Beth Brown say they've defended commentator Ann Coulter many times against her critics, but they're not going to in her latest flap with World Net Daily Editor Joseph Farah over Coulter's speaking engagement with a homosexual group, GOProud. The Browns say it looks like Coulter and many in the Republican-supporting conservative movement have surrendered in the culture war - and that's a tragic mistake - because if social conservatives aren't motivated, the GOP doesn't win.

Neocons who tried to purge conservatives now see conservatism on the rise and want 'tolerance' -- for themselves -- American Conservative

Some conservatives rightfully worried the GOP leadership's coming agenda won't be conservative -- Real Clear Politics (blog)

WSJ/NBC poll has GOP riding the wave of "Wreckovery" Summer -- Hot Air

Ted Nugent:  Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck deserve credit for America's awakening -- Washington Times

FreedomWorks fights back against NAACP's accusations of Tea Party 'racism' -- Daily Caller

Supporting Mike Castle (ACU lifetime rating 52.5%) in Delaware makes no sense if it means merely empowering the GOP establishment -- Human Events

New Jersey Republicans hope to ride Gov. Christie's rising star to midterm success -- New Jersey Star-Ledger

South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint looks toward November and beyond -- National Review Online

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