Giuda For Congress - Let's Get to Work

My name is Bob Giuda.  

Bob GiudaI am running for the privilege of representing the Republican Party in the General Election for US House District 2.  I decided to run because for far too long, Congress has ignored the will of the majority of Americans as they expanded government, raised taxes, and exploded our national debt. 

I believe I have the right amount of experience and conservative credentials to best represent our state in Washington, D.C.

First, a little about myself, I am a Naval Academy graduate, former jet fighter pilot and US Marine.  I served my country in the Corps as well as an Agent for the FBI, specializing in drug interdiction.  For the last 28 years, I have worked as a commercial airline pilot.

Politically, in 2000, I ran for the NH House and as a State Representative served as a conservative leader on the Ways and Means Committee.  In 2002, I was asked to serve as the Deputy Majority Leader for the New Hampshire House Republican Caucus.

Throughout, I played a major role in promoting smaller, less intrusive government, holding the line on taxes and reducing government spending.  I never hesitated to take on the “powers that be” Republican or Democrat, if I felt they were not living up to the principles of limited government, lower taxation and within living within our means.   

I led the effort to pass protections for private property owners, including a constitutional amendment restricting eminent domain in the aftermath of the Kelo decision.  I voted against every proposed tax increase and helped sustain the 2003 budget veto, leading to the last balanced budget this state has produced.  

As a private citizen, former FBI Agent, and pilot in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, I helped lead the effort to allow trained and certified pilots to carry firearms if they so chose.  A group of us worked hard with legislators in Washington, DC, bucked the establishment and made this vital step in protecting our skies a reality.

If elected, I promise four things.  

First, I will make reversing the destructive policies of the last two sessions of Congress my top priority.  Second, I will push to restore accountability among our public servants with real penalties for proven misdeeds.  Third, I will fight the size of government and over-burdensome regulation, bringing to Washington the same perseverance and commitment to reducing taxes that I employed while serving in the NH House.

Finally, I promise to you that I will not be “Washington, DC’s Representative from New Hampshire,” but rather, New Hampshire’s Representative to Washington, DC.

I humbly ask for your support on September 14th.

Yours in freedom,
Bob Giuda Candidate for Congress,
New Hampshire's Second Congressional District
(603) 764-5869 | Office