Horn For Congress - Charlie Bass...Too Many Unanswered Questions

NASHUA - Tonight the Republican candidates for Congress in New Hampshire's Second District square off in the WMUR Granite State Debate.  Charlie Bass has dodged questions about his voting record and voters deserve answers.  Jennifer Horn calls on former Congressman Charlie Bass to address the following questions during the debate tonight:
1.    In Congress, Charlie Bass sponsored Cap and Trade legislation. Charlie Bass "is willing to break with his party's leadership when he feels strongly about an issue."  Obviously Charlie Bass feels strongly about this, so despite his claims that his Cap and Trade Bill isn't as bad as the bill proposed by Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats, how can we trust that Charlie will not break with the Republicans and support the Democrats' Legislation?

2.    After voting for the largest Budget Deficits during his time in Congress, why should voters believe that Charlie Bass is a reformed big spender?

3.    In 2008, Charlie Bass said that he was proud of his earmarks and that they were and important part of the process.  With the growing deficit, does Charlie Bass still support earmarks?