Len Britton for US Senate VT - Second Stimulus Even Scares Democrats

Senator Michael Bennett, a Democrat from Colorado, has stated that he will not support President Obama’s call for a new $50 billion stimulus bill.

“Even the most ardent supporters of the first stimulus bill are coming to grips with its failure to aid our ailing economy,” stated Len Britton.  “Hopefully this trend of opposition to deficit spending will continue and we can begin to reverse course.”

Washington policymakers promised that the American Recovery and Reinvestment of 2009 would keep unemployment under 8 percent.  Instead, taxpayers were hit with a $787 billion bill that has failed to provide any economic stimulus and unemployment is currently hovering around 9.6 percent.

“Though I believe we need to invest in our infrastructure I don’t believe we need to increase our deficit in the process.  Much of the money allocated for the first stimulus has yet to be spent, and many of the projects in the bill are wasteful and frivolous endeavors.  Frivolous projects in the first stimulus bill should be eliminated and the money saved can be reallocated to spend on infrastructure,” finished Len.